Choya From The Barrel 700ml (Limited Edition)

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ONLY 12,000 bottles are produced worldwide!


And.. DO you know 315g of premium Nanko Umes (as shown in pic) are used to produced just ONE bottle of Choya From The Barrel?


This limited edition Umeshu is aged for 3 years in a glass fibre tank, then another 4 years in French oak casks. Gold Medal winner at the International Spirits Challenge in 2017.


Tasting Notes : Rich and complex flavors, with notes of almond from the pit and flesh of the ume fruit, and a smoky and luxurious bouquet from the cask.



- 梅酒专用罐中成熟3年以上,并在法国像木桶追加4年成熟,共计7年熟成的高品质梅酒

- 2017年国际烈酒挑战赛金奖(ISC)

- 细腻香醇的口感和层次丰富的香气达到完美平衡

- 带有微微的烟熏味道


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Note: JBrands is the sole importer and distributor of Choya From The Barrel in Malaysia, we import directly from the brand owner in Osaka, Japan.