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- Choya Yuzu (worth RM134)

- Réserve Bordeaux 2016 Mouton Cadet (Baron Philippe De Rothschild) (worth RM138)

- Choya Extra Series Miniature Set (50ml x 3) (worth RM82)

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Choya Yuzu 750ml

(Our super bestseller and one of the best Yuzu liqueur in the market)

- Made with the best yuzu citrus 100% grown on the Shikoku island in Japan

- Delicate and floral liqueur

- Source of antioxidant

- Rich in Vitamin C

- Helps replenish dead skin cell

- Enjoy simply on the rocks, or even better (some say best).. with Shandy!


Réserve Bordeaux 2016 Mouton Cadet

(Baron Philippe De Rothschild) 750ml

- From the owner of Château Mouton Rothschild

- Premium French wine

- 3rd most powerful global wine brand

- Awarded BEST WINE from consumer-voted Travel Retail awards recently

- Travel Retail Exclusive 

- Best selling Mouton Cadet 

- Top 16% of wines in the world, top 14% of wines from Bordeaux

- Best enjoyed by itself, even better when pair with meat


*2016 VINTAGE* 

Very mild weather in winter 2016, and spring was followed by a relatively dry summer. Rain in early September enabled the grapes to reach perfect maturity and the harvest took place in ideal conditions. In addition, the presence in the vineyards and the expertise of Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s winemakers helped to get the best out of the conditions and ensure a fine vintage, with excellent, fruit-filled Merlots and powerful, mature Cabernets.


CHOYA Extra Series Miniature Set

The perfect gift and a collectible item! This exclusive set includes 3 adorable 50ml miniature bottles, 50ml each.

- Choya Extra Years - The prime and original Umeshu

- Choya Extra Shiso - The most health beneficial Umeshu, least sweet among all

- Choya Royal Honey - The most premium Umeshu from the Choya Extra Series, contains Royal Jelly

Each bottle is aged for at least 2-3 years. And the best part, each bottle contains 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit from Kishu region, Japan. Due to its aged and premium ume quality, the Choya Extra Series umeshus have more in depth character, smoother taste and extra long finishing at the end.