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Healthy Package (FREE CHOYA Classic Miniature)
MYR 301.00


1. Choya Yuzu 

2. Choya Extra Shiso

3. FREE CHOYA Classic Miniature 50ml 

4. FREE Delivery! (West Malaysia)



Choya Yuzu 750ml

(Our super bestseller and one of the best Yuzu liqueur in the market)

- Made with the best yuzu citrus 100% grown on the Shikoku island in Japan

- Delicate and floral liqueur

- Source of antioxidant

- Rich in Vitamin C

- Helps replenish dead skin cell

- Enjoy simply on the rocks, or even better (some say best).. with Shandy!


Choya Extra Shiso (700ml)

Our most health beneficial Umeshu.

All thanks to the amazing Shiso (perilla) leaf, also the least sweet among the rest.

- Using Japanese red shiso leaves

- Aged for at least 2-3 years

- Only 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit from Kishu region, Japan

Amazing health benefit (mostly from the Shiso leaf):

- Boost body immune system and relieve allergies (good for skin)

- Improves blood circulation (ladies - best for menstrual cycle regulation)

- Regulates stomach & help digestive system

- Prevent anemia

- Rich in Vitamin A

- Prevent diseases

Disclaimer: The sale of alcohol is restricted to individuals who are above 21 years old and are non-Muslim. Any purchase of alcohol made through this website will be at buyer's sole discretion.

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