Relax Bundle (FREE CHOYA Classic Miniature)

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Relax Bundle


1. Choya Yuzu 

2. Choya Extra Years

3. FREE Gift - Classic Miniature 50ml 

4. FREE Delivery! (West Malaysia)



1. Choya Yuzu 750ml

(Our super bestseller and one of the best Yuzu liqueur in the market)

- Made with the best yuzu citrus 100% grown on the Shikoku island in Japan

- Delicate and floral liqueur 

- Source of antioxidant 

- Rich in Vitamin C

- Helps replenish dead skin cell 

- Enjoy simply on the rocks, or even better (some say best).. with Shandy! 


- 爆款柚子酒

- 采用日本四国岛上生长的100%最好的柚子酿制,纯天然无添加。

- 浓郁的柚子香和清爽的口感

- 含有大量的维生素C

- 直饮、加冰或搭配Shandy(让你感觉不一样的味道)


2. Choya Extra Years 700ml

Our main and original Umeshu. The one that you can never go wrong.


- Aged for at least 2-3 years

- Only 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit from Kishu region, Japan


Due to its aged and premium ume quality, it has more in depth character, smoother taste and extra long finishing at the end.. which you're still able to taste the aroma and complexity of the umeshu even after swallowing.


Amazing health benefits :

- Fights fatigue, helps in relaxation 

- Improves appetite 

- Regulate intestines' function 

- Bacteria-killing action



- 酿酒时间方为二至三年 

- 100%纯正来自日本Nanko高级梅子

- 选用上等品质的纪洲南高梅

- 酿制熟成2-3年

- 解除疲劳, 帮助放松 

- 增加食欲 

- 调节肠胃运作 

- 体内杀菌作用

- 味道浓郁醇柔


Disclaimer: The sale of alcohol is restricted to individuals who are above 21 years old and are non-Muslim. Any purchase of alcohol made through this website will be at buyer's sole discretion.


Note: JBrands is the sole importer and distributor of Choya Extra Years Umeshu in Malaysia, we import directly from the brand owner in Osaka, Japan.