Signal Hill Whisky

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Comes with FREE 2 Limited Crystal Head Shot Glasses (acrylic) worth RM80!


- Awarded Best Canadian Whisky by the International Spirits Competition in 2019

- Awarded 94 points in Tasting Panel 2019

- Awarded Gold in package design


Crafted from the finest Canadian corn and barley, and blended with the pristine waters of Newfoundland, Canada.


So why does Signal Hill whisky taste so good?


Signal Hill Whisky is made from two types of grain.

The corn whisky is double distilled through a two-column still to produce a light and smooth characteristic.

The barley whisky is pot distilled to bring out a subtle bready, nutty or malt flavour.

Multiple layers of flavour are preserved through non-chill filtering, resulting in a fuller mouthfeel and smoother finish.


Aged in New White Oak Casks for notes of vanilla, caramel and toffee, First-Run Bourbon Casks for flavours of dried raisins and plums, and Canadian Whisky Casks to draw out the characteristics of the grains.

The variable Canadian climate adds character to the whisky allowing for a slower extraction of flavour from the casks to create a sweet, mild flavour.


Blended with the pristine waters of Newfoundland, Canada. The quality of the water improves the overall flavour profile of this finely blended whisky.


Canadian grains, Newfoundland water and a three-barrel aging approach deliver a complex flavour profile and a deep, rich amber colour; the nose – a delicate blend of honey, vanilla, dried fruit and a hint of spice.

The three casks bring out different aspects of the whisky's character – vanilla and toffee notes, sweet grain and oaky spice respectively – creating an overall flavoursome and well-balanced whisky.





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Note: JBrands is the sole importer and distributor of Signal Hill Whisky in Malaysia. We import directly from the brand owner in Canada.


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Signal Hill Whisky

MYR 318.00 MYR 288.00