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Diamond Indulgence Package

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1. Choya Gold Edition 500ml (worth RM318)


2. Reserve Pauillac 2015 Mouton Cadet 750ml (Baron Philippe De Rothschild) (worth RM259)


3. FREE Choya Extra Series Miniature Set 3x50ml (worth RM82)


4. FREE Delivery! (West Malaysia)




【CHOYA Gold Edition】


Made from 100% Nanko ume fruit (the best in Japan), steeped into French brandy (Cognac region) with real gold leaves added.


Super rich taste with 19% abv, higher content of brandy compare to Private Edition.

One of a kind. For THE special occasion.


- 最高等级的金箔梅子酒

- 严选上等日本南高梅,全用法国干邑白兰地为基酒酿制

- 添加了可食用的24k 金箔

- 美观又养颜

- 喝出醇厚、华丽高贵的口感


【Réserve Pauillac 2015 Mouton Cadet】 

- From the owner of Château Mouton Rothschild

- Premium French wine

- 3rd most powerful global wine brand

- Awarded 90 points from Wine Enthusiast

- Travel Retail Exclusive

- Top 12% of wines in the world, top 10% of wines from Pauillac

- Comes with a very elegant premium gift box

- Best enjoyed by itself, even better when pair with meat




Aromas of black currant, dark spice, leather and smoke. Well-rounded body and structure speak to craftsmanship with this marvellous Bordeaux blend.


Pallet- pleasing on all levels, blackberries leap from the glass while bergamot, pepper, and toast round out the bouquet.


It becomes abundantly evident that 2015 was an excellent vintage in Bordeaux when you contemplate how full-bodied, velvety, and complex this easy-drinking wine is.


法国知名Rothschild 家族旗下品牌之一

珍藏版系列 复杂而浓烈,带有黑醋栗果酱和樱桃的香味。 非常圆润,具有浓烈的花香。口感复杂而协调,余味悠长。


【FREE CHOYA Extra Series Miniature Set 3x50ml】


The perfect gift and a collectible item! This exclusive set includes 3 adorable 50ml miniature bottles, 50ml each.

Choya Extra Years - The prime and original Umeshu

Choya Extra Shiso - The most health beneficial Umeshu, least sweet among all Choya Royal Honey - The most premium Umeshu from the Choya Extra Series, contains Royal Jelly Each bottle is aged for at least 2-3 years.


And the best part, each bottle contains 100% Japanese premium Nanko ume fruit from Kishu region, Japan.


Due to its aged and premium ume quality, the Choya Extra Series umeshus have more in depth character, smoother taste and extra long finishing at the end.. which you're still able to taste the aroma and complexity of the umeshu even after swallowing.


Disclaimer: The sale of alcohol is restricted to individuals who are above 21 years old and are non-Muslim. Any purchase of alcohol made through this website will be at buyer's sole discretion.