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GINZU Package (FREE CHOYA Miniature)

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1. Choya Yuzu (worth RM168)


2. Edinburgh Gin Liqueur (Choose 1 out of 5 award-winning flavours worth RM188)


3. Choya Extra Series Miniature Set (50ml x 3) (worth RM82)


4. FREE Gift - Choya premium miniature 50ml (worth up to RM35)


5. FREE Delivery! (West Malaysia)



1. Choya Yuzu 750ml

(Our super bestseller and one of the best Yuzu liqueur in the market)

- Made with the best yuzu citrus 100% grown on the Shikoku island in Japan

- Delicate and floral liqueur

- Source of antioxidant

- Rich in Vitamin C

- Helps replenish dead skin cell

- Enjoy simply on the rocks, or even better (some say best).. with Shandy!



2. (Choose ONE out of FIVE award-winning flavours)


a. Elderflower Edinburgh Gin Liqueur

Elderflower gin liqueur has won a number of leading awards, with the recent award of Best Gin Liqueur for Spirits Business Gin Masters 2019. It is subtle yet complex. Elderflowers have a distinctive floral aroma and flavour that marry beautifully with gin botanicals. The summers elderflowers are handpicked in full bloom and then infused with the classic Edinburgh Gin.


b. Pomegranate & Rose Edinburgh Gin Liqueur

Blending ruby-red pomegranate seeds and Damask rose petals with our Edinburgh Gin, this sumptuous liqueur is softly floral, its gentle warmth tempered by lingering fruit flavours and a light citrus lift finishing.


c. Rhubarb & Ginger Edinburgh Gin Liqueur

Freshly rhubarb is spiked with ginger and infused with our classic Edinburgh Gin. The rhubarb and spice are left to steep for four weeks, allowing for the complex flavours to marry together.


d. Orange Blosson & Mandarin Edinburgh Gin Liqueur

A sweet and citrusy gin liqueur which envelops and delights the senses. Inspired by the evocative fragrance of sun-drenched orange groves in the Mediterranean, this gin liqueur is bursting with sweet zest.


e. Apple & Spice Edinburgh Gin Liqueur

Bright apple sweetness with a gentle hit of juniper on the nose. Satisfyingly juicy with lively sweet apple flavour on the palate, lingering fruit with warming spice on the finish.




3. CHOYA Extra Series Miniature Set

The perfect gift and a collectible item! This exclusive set includes 3 adorable 50ml miniature bottles. 

Choya Extra Years - The prime and original Umeshu 

Choya Extra Shiso - The most health beneficial Umeshu, least sweet among all 

Choya Royal Honey - The most premium Umeshu from the Choya Extra Series, contains Royal Jelly


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